La Casa Azul in East Harlem/El Barrio!

     Last night Mike and I went uptown to 103rd Street on the East Side, and brought several copies of the book with us.  One can now buy the book in the premier Latina location, La Casa Azul Bookstore, at 143 E. 103rd Street.  It is a wonderful bookstore, and completed dedicated to books about the Latino experience, so I feel I am in good company.  The only thing is, when I go there, I buy more books than I sell!  The first time I went up, about a month ago, I bought a novel by Lyn di Iorio, who had been my advisor at City College in the 1990s, and a coming-of-age story, "newyoricangirl," by Julia Torres that was very interesting and that taught me more about the genre.       

        Last night I bought two more: "Chango's Fire" by Ernesto Quinones, which I hope is as funny and informative as his "Bodega Dreams," which was marvelous.  And "Kissing the Mango Tree: Puerto Rican Women Rewriting American Literature," by Carmen S. Rivera, which may possibly be similar to my book.  It  came out in 2002, which was two years after I finished my manuscript.  Anyway, it's going to be very interesting! 

          We had a snack beforehand in a really happening coffee shop at 104th and Lexington, and where the owner put out one of my posters for my reading at Bluestockings.  It is very literary, with copies of Paris Reviews lying around, has readings, and in general feels like what Village coffee shops used to feel like, fifty years ago.  Very exciting.  And after the event, which was about crowdfunding and Indiegogo, the owner of the bookstore recommended El Paso to us.  It is also at 104th and Lex, but on the south side.  Very good food, very comfortable.