Teacher, Writer, Chicana: Sandra Cisneros

    I liked what Sandra Cisneros said on one of her videos: (to paraphrase) Why am I teaching poetry to Latina kids, when what they need is birth control advice?  And to guys who get beat up in the neighborhood, how can poetry help them?  I remember feeling that way, too, when I was teaching.    

       She has been very busy teaching and writing ever since "The House on Mango Street" came out years ago.  She is a Chicana, lived in a suburb of Chicago but now,  I think, still lives in Texas.  A Chicana is a woman who is Mexican and American, so she is not a New York-area person but she is a Latina.  She has written several other books, "Woman Hollering Creek," (stories); " My Wicked, Wicked Ways," (poetry) and "Loose Women" (poetry).  She has also written a multi-generation novel, "Caramelo."  Point of view, or stance, is an important element (who is speaking, how they are speaking) in her work.