Irene Vilar's Literary Path

      After writing "The Ladies' Gallery," about her family, her life in Puerto Rico and New York, and especially her famous grandmother, the Puerto Rican Independentista Lolita Lebrun, Irene Vilar continued her journey, becoming series editor for several publishing houses, becoming a literary agent herself, and writing another memoir, called "Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict."  This memoir takes up where the previous one leaves off, and details her two marriages and her fifteen abortions.  She became an abortion addict during her first marriage, "forgetting" to take her pills and becoming pregnant time after time, yet her much older husband did not want to have children.  She writes about all this, possibly the first time anyone has written about having so many abortions.  

       And then she divorces the husband, remarries, and has two lovely children!  So at a certain point she was finished with that marriage trap and moved on to a different kind of life.  We read that Vilar is even now writing another memoir, on the subject of motherhood.  We hope for a kinder and gentler life for her in her third memoir.